Our Mission Statement

Tin Duc clinic promises to provide our clients with the best healthcare services:

  1. Our doctors have advanced medical knowledge and are very ethical.
  2. Our nursing staff, and pharmacy staff are enthusiastic, respectful and caring.
  3. High-tech infrastructure, international standard.
  4. Friendly and reliable working environment.
  5. In-house pharmacy can provide full range of medications at affordable pricing.
  6. Great customer service that improves every day.
Tin Duc clinic is confident in providing a reliable place for you and your family when it comes to medical services

Our View:

We provide the best medical services with established ethical standard, professional, caring, constantly perfecting our services to put patients and their family first.

Our Mission:

We improve our community healthcare by providing the highest, caring, and innovative medical services; always perfecting our quality through continued medical education and advanced medical technology.