Introduction to our antiseptic operating room

The antiseptic operating rooms use medical devices to sanitize room air, kill airborne bacteria and viruses.

In advanced antiseptic operating rooms, each m3 is a high-grade antiseptic area, microbial-free up to 99.98%, climate control, humidity control, pressure control, air ventilation up to 600 times/hour, to prevent production of microbial species during operation to provide the best quality outcome.
Antiseptic operating room specifications:
  1. Low microbial count and anesthetic concentration
  2. Clean air (temperature 15-250 C, temperature control range within 50-65%)
  3. Operating room pressure (+23-25Pa), to prevent outside contaminated air
  4. Cool and clean air, comfortable working environment
  5. Reduced contaminated air in hospital (especially in OR and cut wounds)


New trend about minor surgeries

Using laparoscopy and minimally invasive techniques, we can treat and manage most diseases that could be seen, to serve our patients in more unique and advantageous ways: small cut wound, fast recovery, applicable to many patients.  

Create an antiseptic environment

Minor procedure rooms have the capability to filter and detoxicate to ensure a microbial-free operation as well as keeping the pressure constant. We have ample experience in the most effective procedures to detoxicate in minor surgeries, and to prevent and control infections after surgery.

Ensuring the success of minor surgeries

The combination of accurate diagnostic devices, advanced technology and a team of medical specialists has achieved a high success rate in conventional operations which help patients achieve a fast recovery.

Recruitment of proficient specialists

Our surgeons are specialists with highly skilled, experienced clinical skills.
Our proficient specialists were recruited to make a professional, collegial team to promote a continual exchange of knowledge and new techniques in Vietnam as well as overseas. We focus on contributing to research and medical diagnoses. 

Establishing customized treatment

Based on height, weight, and individual needs, we can customize medical treatment with a one doctor to one patient model. We guarantee to improve life quality after minor surgeries.

Humane medical treatment

Depending on individual needs, we tailor our service to patients’ needs in a professional and meticulous manner, and we strictly ensure patient confidentiality and privacy.

Safe minor surgeries

One of our biggest advantages is to operate minor surgeries safely, with a success rate of 99.9%, which is much higher than the normal average success rate of 80%.

Affordable fees

The clinic has affordable fees, transparent billing and pricing.

Evaluate and treat patients professionally

Minor surgeries in a spacious, quiet, clean area. Patients are treated with a friendly, attentive attitude providing specialized diagnoses, which all strictly follow our principles.

Advanced technology

Our clinic uses advanced medical devices with world-renowned technologies, specialists and a professional management team.

High grade minor procedure room

All minor procedures are operated in an absolute antiseptic environment with international standards to prevent contamination effectively.

Standardized minor surgeries

We constantly improve our techniques and update surgery standards, to create a diagnostic and treatment system which is both safe and effective.

Respecting patients privacy

We always respect patients’ privacy, to give patients peace of mind while treating them at our clinic. We absolutely will not disclose patients’ information without patients’ consent.